LAUGH: New Comedy Milestone!!

I have been thinking about what I should be doing to add content to the site. I decided that because I am a new  comic, and I am working at actually being good at it, watching good comics perform is part of learning the craft. The basic idea for me on the podcast is that if someone was so inclined, they could listen and see my progression as a comedian. So my idea is that whenever I see a comedy show I will post a blog entry to talk about my experience, not an actual review, but ill write about whatever lesson learned I take away from it.


this first post was going to be about watching Craig Gass, one of my favorite comedians and it turned into SO MUCH MORE! After Craig Gass’ big show on Jan. 18th at the Pantagus Theater in Tacoma WA. Craig said he would do the podcast when he came back into town from New York a couple weeks later. I tried contacting him through social media to confirm it and set up a date and time that works with his schedule, but hadn’t gotten any response. I’m not used to trying to communicate with anyone famous that should honestly be too busy for me. So as a last ditch effort to schedule him for the podcast, and I just wanted to watch him work again, I went to see his celebration show at the Seattle Comedy Underground after the Seahawks Super Bowl victory parade. And this is where my new comedy milestone starts to develop.


As everyone on the show starts coming into the club, Craig Gass invited me into the greenroom. I do the open mic at the Comedy Underground on Mondays, and they always post the list of comics going up, and the bump list for the overflow right next to the greenroom door. and i have thought to myself a hand full of times that I am going to get good enough at this that I will be one of the comics who get to be in that green room. its probably no big deal to any working comedian, but I am not there yet, so its a thing for me. while we are in the greenroom and “I’ve got him where I want him” I pounced and asked him if he would be available for the podcast. Since I couldn’t do it that night (in the future I will be ready anytime) Craig suggested, “how about this, it could be good, or it could be bad, but why don’t we do 15 minutes of your podcast on my show tomorrow night at Dave’s of Milton in front of the audience there.”   WHAT!? Hell yes we can do that!!


So I went home and packed up the equipment to record the podcast and started prepping for what I wanted to talk about so I don’t waste any of the 15 minutes! Jump to the next day at Dave’s of Milton, I’m super stoked to have this opportunity to do this live in front of a SOLD OUT audience! while I am setting up Craig Gass says to Count Hopkins (great local comic and long time friend of his who hosted his Pantagus Theater show) “How about we have James host tonight and you do a feature set instead of hosting.”   WHAT!? did you just say James!? That’s MY name! That was officially the first time I have ever hosted anything and the second time I have performed in front of a paying audience. That night for me is going to always be the night that one of my favorite comedians gave me an opportunity to do real stand-up comedy on his sold out show, and hopefully in the future I will be telling some nervous new comic about my first time hosting a show and not to worry, now go out there and have fun.


This experience was amazing! The only bad thing that happened was that right as I went to hit record on the laptop as we were getting started it just shut down on me for reasons I don’t know, and we never recorded the audio for the podcast. but Count Hopkins did hit record on his cell phone so I will be posting the audio we did get no matter how bad it might be on episode 007, along with a an interview with Count we will record tomorrow night.


So far my two favorite comedy moments both involve Craig Gass! Lying in bed after that show reflecting on it, I realized how much I loved doing that. I have never gotten home after work and felt so great and felt so inspired and enthusiastic to improve at something.


Thank you Craig Gass, I will always look up to you, and I will never not appreciate that night!

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-James Alberding

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