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*These entries are not a review of anyone’s comedy. Stand-up is such a subjective art form that no one person will have the same experience as another. the jokes people tell will never work for 100% of the people who hear them. I am just trying to write about what I take away form watching more experienced comedians whether I personally like their material, or not. For me personally, since I have started to do stand-up, watching both the early and late shows really help me see the “nuts and bolts” of comedy. I get to experience the magic in the first show, then see the “secret” behind the trick in the second. Still the magic is never lost on me because stand-up is such an organic art form,  I still get to see how the performer handles situations that no one can predict will happen.*


Tonight I got a chance to go see Michael Winslow! You probably know him from his rolls on the “Police Academy” movies, and “Spaceballs”, or Recently for you kiddies out there, his part on Tosh.0 in season 2 episode 16 when he helped interrogate the World of Warcraft freak-out kid. I know this is close to blasphemy here in Seattle, But I am more of a Spaceballs guy than a Star Wars guy. I was really young when Star Wars came out, and Spaceballs was RIGHT in my wheelhouse when it busted onto the scene. In fact, “Spaceballs”,” Harry and the Henderson’s”, “Dumb and Dumber”, and “Summer School” ( probably molded my whole since of humor as I was growing up. I have always been a fan of Michael Winslow, and he might be the reason I still make car noises when I play with my nephews toys.


I really took one major thing away from watching Michael Winslow perform:


I had no idea what I was going to see when I went to his show. I knew it would involve his talent for making sound effects and there is no exaggeration that he is the man of 10,000 noises! I am trying to learn how to be great at stand-up comedy. One of the things I am learning about comedy is that there are so many different styles that can entertain the hell out of the people who come to see the show. Michael Winslow didn’t just tell jokes, or make ten thousand noises with his mouth. He put on a show that had everyone in that place laughing, and applauding, and enjoying the amazing things he was sharing with us as just one dude on stage!

Whatever my act develops into, it is inspiring to know that if I make it authentic to myself, and really “give” it everything on stage, People will walk away having had a great time. there is no “how to”, or “you have to do this” in comedy. Whatever my act becomes I just want people to leave the show feeling like they were given a piece of myself, and had half as much of a good time as I did watching Michael Winslow work.


Check out Michael Winslow at his website:



Also, check out the Parlor Live for other great shows too!




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