Eat LAUGH Fight | Podcast ep015 Manny Martin & Cris Rodriguez



James Alberding @bigjames699



Manny Martin @MannyMartinJr

Cris Rodriguez @ElCrisRod


This week I sit down with Returning guest Cris Rodriguez and the house MC at The Parlor Live, Manny Martin. we talk about comedy and have a lot of laughs in the “castcave”! These two are a lot of fun to hang out with and It was great to have them both on the podcast.


We bring up Jay Hollingsworth a few times. Jay is a hilarious comic that only gets better and better. It was great to hear that his move to Los Angeles has been paying off  and he’s got so much going on in such a short amount of time. Check out his web site at


I also mentioned A documentary. its called “Open Mic: The Other Side of Stand-up Comedy” You can find it in five parts on YouTube, don’t watch it right before you try stand-up for the first time though HAHA


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