Eat LAUGH Fight | Podcast ep.014 J Rock



James Alberding @bigjames699

Chris Garr @ChefGarr



J Rock @fantastic413

J Rock

This week Matt Juarez was at the fight that he had to withdraw from due to injury while training to watch and support 6 Feet Under MMA Fight Team with coach Travis Doerge. Chris and James sit down with another new comedian J Rock after he started a Facebook campaign to get on the podcast by posting photos of food he made at home and Tagging Eat Laugh Fight in them. He’s a cool guy and I always enjoy seeing him at different open mics around Seattle and Tacoma WA.

We also get a live update via speaker phone on the benefit show James will be hosting on May 3rd to support thr Jefferds family (ep.11) after loosing loved ones and their home in the March 22nd Oso, Washington Mudslide. see the flyer below for more information!


Check out J Rock on his YouTube Channel: J Rock Comedy

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Seth Jefferds benefit show:


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