EAT Laugh Fight | Podcast Ep.006 Uli Lengenberg & Brian Myers of Uli’s Famous Sausage


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Chris Garr
Matt Juarez
James Alberding

Uli Lengenberg, owner of Uli’s Famous Sausage
Brian Myers, Sales and Marketing Manager

This week we sit down with Uli and Brian Myers from Ulis Famous Sausage, located in the Pike Place Market. Just two shops north of the Fish throwing guys, you can throw Ulis delicious Sausage down your throat! When I pitched Chris and Matt on doing this podcast with me, Uli was the kind of guest that inspired me and really got me excited to try and get as a guests. This is a great episode and we talk about one of the best local products you can buy, and get to know the man behind it.

But I have to apologize, because I (James) ate the last couple bites of that pie we shared in episode 5, This time it ruined me! I couldn’t speak, and ended up basically staring at everyone’s mouths while they talked, absolutely riveted, but useless. It was a huge mistake on my behalf, I felt embarrassed by my actions, and also felt like I disrespected anyone taking their time to listen to us, as well as Uli for what I felt like, ruining an opportunity to have him on the podcast. He is a really great guy and only saw the humor in it, and was only upset by my lack of beer. We will have them on again in the near future and next time I will be coherent, and loaded up with beer!! Next time you are in the Pike Place Market in Downtown Seattle, make sure you visit Uli’s. You wont regret it!


Uli’s Famous Sausage
1511 Pike Place
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 838-1712

Twitter @UlisSausage

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