Eat Laugh FIGHT | Podcast Ep.005 Tyler Smith & Phil Fox



James Alberding

Matt Juarez

Chris Garr



Tyler Smith

Phil Fox


WARNING: Graphic content *do not listen to this episode Grandma*


This week we sit down at the poker table in the man-cave to eat the chicken pot WEED pie from the cocktail mixer raffle. This episode jumped way off the rails, but it was a fun episode to do. to see exactly what we were eating watch episode 4 of Something’s Burning here:


you can find both of our guests on the pod-a-holics Comedy Network at


To get more information on Seattle Comic, and Host of his own marijuana cooking show, “Something’s Burning” Tyler Smith(@HighBS) and to see him live check out his website, Also check out his YouTube channel, HighBScomedy.

To get more information on Seattle Comic, and co-Host of the Holingsworthless Podcast, Phil Fox(@LikeTheAnimal) and see him live, check out his website,


Honorable Mentions:

Jay Hollingsworth(@BigIrishJay) Seattle Comedian, co-Founder of Pod-a-holics Comedy Network, Creator of Joke a Week, and Host of the Hollingsworthless Podcast.

You can find Joke a Week, and his album mentioned in the episode, “Jokes I Don’t Want to do Anymore” at, and his podcast at


Mike Coletta(@MeColetta) Seattle Comic, and amazing hugger! check him out at







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